Research Paper Ideas Involving Music

Why, in 2017, are women still falling behind in the ARIA awards: in nominations, winners, and performances?

Ticket touting is bad for fans and it's bad for the industry, but should reselling tickets be a criminal offence?

The Mercury Prize still relies on the album format in an age of downloads and streaming.

SoundCloud has been saved by its biggest injection of cash yet.

There are a few things that musicians should understand about the music industry if they are to avoid being taken for a ride.

The story of African-American music is a story of eclipsing expectations and subverting norms.

Does musical taste even matter anymore? Or does a data-driven feedback loop – where what you enjoy in the past shapes what you hear today – influence what you'll like in the future?

Melbourne may be the self-proclaimed music capital of Australia, but industry data suggests Sydney may have the upper hand. Meanwhile the UN recognises Adelaide as the country's only city of music.

We need to look beyond the music industry to understand the rise of the comeback.

Music festivals have been a boon to the music industry, but now we're starting to witness some pitfalls of commercial success: consolidation and creeping conformity.

By offering single platforms exclusive rights for their new albums, some musicians are streaming against the tide.

The R&B superstar is demonstrating just how far the use of mystery goes in today’s cluttered music market.

Bitcoin, blockchain and automatic royalty payments could transform how musicians earn.

Her visual album Lemonade is important for more reasons than you might think. Pop may never be the same again.

By confronting powerful record companies and streaming services, Prince paved the way for other musicians to demand artistic freedom and their fair share of profits.

Prince revealed the fault-lines in commercial music making – and he didn’t hesitate to prise them open.

A detailed look at one of the musician's most celebrated performances gives a glimpse of the dedication which allowed talent to flourish.

An expert in copyright law explains who is better placed to win the trademark battle over the name "Kylie" – popstar Minogue or reality TV star Jenner.

Musician, actor, icon and entrepreneur – David Bowie's life was a masterclass in culture and business.

While the debate seems not to be solvable, three academics look at the question of whether artists should provide entertainment or write for their own pleasure.

List Of Interesting Music Research Essay Topics To Write About

Research papers can be written in any classroom, even in the arts. Papers about musical topics are more enjoyable for students to write than the papers about scientific or literary topics. The reason that music papers are more fun for students to write is because there are so many interesting topics. Music research papers can be written about vocal music or instrumental music or theory topics. Here are some ideas:

  • How has music changed over the decades?
  • Who are the most influential musicians in an era?
  • What makes music ¨classical¨?
  • How does music affect dance?
  • How does a musician break into the industry and become a professional?
  • What are the most lucrative careers for musicians?
  • How does music affect physical health?
  • How does music affect mental health?
  • How is music marketed to different age groups?
  • How has music categorization affected sales?
  • What is the future of the ¨album¨?
  • How does music affect fashion?
  • How does music affect advertising?
  • What has impacted music more: classical music or rock and roll?
  • Why are there so many tribute bands?
  • How does music affect development in children?
  • How does music affect learning and memorization?
  • Explain the quote: ¨Music soothes the savage beast.¨
  • How is music used during war time?
  • Explain the differences between music and poetry.
  • Trace the evolution of rap and how it affects culture.
  • What has happened to jazz?
  • Should the term ¨Indie¨ no longer be used in music?

Music topics can be general, large topics like genres, artists, or movements. These general topics are better suited for lower-level music courses instead of junior or senior level courses. When you get into graduate classes or more specific courses, it is better to focus on narrowed topics. When you choose a topic for a music research paper, you should always be sure the topic is arguable and does not have an obvious answer. If you want to make the topic more interesting for your and your reader, you can always argue the side that no one would imagine to be arguable.

The topic that you pick should be appropriate for the class, but you can manipulate the topic to fit your interest. So, if you are taking a course in music from the Renaissance, but you are really interested in modern rock music, you could compare the types of chords and messages in the two musical genres.

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