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This essay will consider the similarities and differences between the two poems 'London' by William Blake and 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' by William Wordsworth. It will focus upon their structures, content and poetic features. Finally, I will come to my own conclusion to which poem is most effective and how it is achieved.

The two poems were written at very different times of the day and also in history, which may be one of the main reasons why there is such a contrast between them. William Blake wrote 'London' during the Industrial Revolution when the city was being overcome by the changes that the revolution brought. He was writing at a time when there were many unpleasant things happening in society. The church was being corrupted, chimney sweep were dying whilst working and the streets were being plagued with "the youthful harlot's curse". Blake had been born in London and had lived their his whole life.

He saw London at every time, causing him to forge the very negative view that he conveys in his poem.

On the other hand, , Wordsworth write his poem 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' before ant of the turmoil of the revolution began . The time of day that the poem was wrote may have also influenced what he wrote about the city. Whereas Blake's poem was written in the hustle and bustle of the "midnight streets", Wordsworth wrote during the tranquillity of the morning when everyone was asleep. Wordsworth did not live in London, he was on holiday with his sister and was in complete awe of the "beauty of the morning".

'London' is written in quatrains, with eight syllables per line. The poem has a very apparent meter making it sound very structured when it was read aloud.

Compare and Contrast the two poems, London and Composed Upon Westminster

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Compare and Contrast the two poems, London and Composed Upon Westminster

Both of the poets write about London in their poems. There is one big difference between the form and the structure ‘Composed Upon
Westminster Bridge’ is written in the form of a sonnet where as the
‘London’ poem is just a four verse poem, each verse having four lines.

Comparing the poems with one another I first picked up that they are equally written from first person perspectives which helps to express that these are the writer’s real thoughts and feelings of the great city. Blake doesn’t concentrate on the general scene: Like the buildings or the natural landscapes, He sees beyond all this and he thinks of the people who live there. He…show more content…

It draws more attention to what is different. In the phrase, he speaks of a black church saying God does not help people with their pointless lives.

When Wordsworth does concentrate on the scene of buildings and rivers and the nature of the weather. He feels very strongly about the city being man-made and better than anything natural. This poet pays a lot of attention to detail. ‘‘All bright and glittering in the smokeless air’’ he notices everything there is to know about the elegant city.
London is a calm and quiet city in the early hours of the morning, all is well with the world, its harmonious and clean. A lot of personification is used in this poem in contrast to the other. For example, ‘‘ the very houses seem asleep’’. He also refers to the city as ‘he’ and also on the River Thames when he says ‘‘the river glideth at his own sweet will’’.

Blake’s poem is very angry and noisy in comparison to wordsworth’s which is calm and quiet. Blake also seems far more critical with the hurried rhythm that shows his anger, this is also shown in the parallelism of the second stanza.

Back to the point of Wordsworth’s love for the city, London means everything to him and as though it is the heart of the world, it says this when in the last he calls London ‘‘that mighty heart’’. It seems
Wordsworth is looking at the city from afar and doesn’t know all the hidden truths and goings on

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