Advantages Of Being The Oldest Child Essay

When it comes to being the eldest child in a family, it can be one of the most stressful things in your life, but it does have some nice perks. Uou won't always love this position and you may constantly think "What would happen if I was the youngest?" but you will come to see that you being the oldest is actually really cool.

1. You will always be the guinea pig for everything.

First to be born, first to get a car, and first to go to college are just a few first that your parents have to figure out. So by the time your siblings come around, your parents are pros.

2. You had rules and restrictions that your younger siblings never had.

While you were on lockdown with an ankle bracelet, your siblings can just chill out. It’s infurating seeing things you couldn’t do but your siblings can.

3. You realize that your parents gave birth to a free babysitter/tutor.

You might as well put “volunteer” on your resume because of the amount of unpaid hours of help you gave. By the way, the hours rack up if you have more than one sibling.

4. You will always be a role model… literally forever.

Younger siblings are like monkeys. Monkey-see, monkey-do, right?

5.It’s your fault because you’re old enough to know wrong from right.

This is pretty understandable. So yeah, my fault.

6. If your sibling screwed up, then it’s your fault because you’re the responsible one.

Excuse me, what?

7. When you get your driver’s license, your siblings get a free driver.

The rest of your life until you go to college will be the remake of "Driving Miss Daisy" and you’ll be Morgan Freeman. But you won’t be as happy.

8. You’ve had to figure a lot of stuff out by yourself.

You didn’t have anyone close to your age helping you out get through life unless you want to live a few decades in the past with your parents. You may feel left out when people your age make references that you haven’t quite gotten yet but the love of 90s music will forever be with you.

9. When they become taller than you, the rage is absolutely unexplainable.

Growing up, you have always had someone looking up at you and that gave you a little bit of a “god complex” but when they become taller than you… you have to look up at them and your ego is forever changed .

10. There will be sacrifices once there is a new baby.

No hoop earrings, no Legos, pretty much anything that could be swallowed by a baby had to be taken from your life.

11. You feel like there is constantly a smaller version of yourself following you around.

Siblings will literally try everything in their power to be you; same clothes, same favorite music, same attitude, same everything. Everything you own will be taken and kept in the limbo where missing socks go.

But wait! There are some upsides to being the eldest sibling.

12. Had it not been for you being born first, you siblings wouldn’t have even been born.

You were born at the right time and the right place that led to your siblings being born. Also, you must have been the best child ever because your parents thought that they could luck out again with a second one with the way they had raised you.

13. The passenger seat is your birthright, your divine right that has been earned!

Literally there is nothing your siblings can do to take this right away from you. There is not enough bribing they can give. But when you are away at college or school, you will hand that position down until you are back. “You are not worthy."

14. You are the encyclopedia to growing up.

Siblings need life advice, look no further. You can make sure they don’t make the same mistakes you made but that they can make their own. Plus, if your sibling is growing up, you have materials that they may need later on in life.

15. You love watching them reach new life goal.

You pretty much were the second parent. But seeing your siblings pass huge moments in life, you can’t help but think that you had some hand in how they handled themselves.

16. You know how to… or well how NOT to lose it if something upsets you.

18 plus years of dealing siblings getting under your skin has lead to a wiser, more mature you. You’ve learned patience, forgiveness, and self-restraint, that is until you get to your apartment and... *SNAP*

17. Knowing that statistically, eldest siblings do better in life.

Being the eldest will most likely lead you to become a Type-A personality but there are very famous eldest children. For example J.R. Rowling, Beyoncé, James Franco, Winston Churchill, and more than half of the Presidents and all Noble Prize Winners.

18. But you will love your younger siblings to death and protect them with your life.

You wouldn't have it any other way.

Being the eldest child in the family gives you certain privileges and takes some off. At the end of the day, you have to deal with it all. Telling my own story here as I am the eldest daughter in my family, with a younger brother and sister. To be very honest, it is not the best or the worst thing that could happen to you. If you happen to be the eldest child in the family, then you have loads of advantages packed up with almost the same number of disadvantages too!

Great Thing About Being the Eldest child: Everyone Depends on YOU.

Worst Thing About Being the Eldest child: Everyone Depends on YOU!

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Nevertheless, if you are the oldest child, you have the privilege to feel honoured as it means that you were so amazing and awesome that your parents kept trying to duplicate! Not to forget that a coin has two sides and so does “Being the Eldest child”.

Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages for you to go through!


1. You are in Authority!

Being older than someone automatically makes you authorised to command or instruct. Similarly, you can order your younger brother or sister and they have no choice but to obey! This advantage comes into proper existence when your parents are out for work and your younger sibling is at home with you

2. Advisor:

You are the elder one to your sister and naturally, you can give her advice. Be it studies or be it relationships, you are completely eligible to guide her to the best path! You will have the most recent experience as compared to your parents, which is one of the many advantages, so your perception about certain things might actually be of great help!

3. Freedom:

As far as freedom is concerned, you definitely enjoy that much earlier than your younger sibling. You can roam around with your friends and party late night or show off your new bike to your 12-year-old brother. You are elder and you get all such stuff earlier than him! It is obvious that you get to do things first, be it your first bike ride or first holiday trip with friends!

4. You are The Role Model for them:

With your experience and that extra bit of knowledge, you can give suggestions to your younger sibling. And what generally happens with this is that they look forward to you and you kind of become their role model! Knowing this feeling of someone looking up to you makes you fell better! It makes us more cautious and hence more responsible.

5. More Chance Of You Being Successful

This could be so, maybe because normally parents have more time(comparatively) to devote to the first child because you were their only child for a time. A study earlier this year from the University of Essex, says that you are more likely to succeed if you are the first-born. As a matter of fact, more than half of all US Presidents and Nobel Prize winners have been the eldest child in their respective families. Even if we don’t take it as a hard and fast rule, we cannot deny the positive direction of being the ‘ELDEST’ child in the family

Let us explore some of the disadvantages of being the eldest sibling:

1.Being Scolded for every second thing!

One of the most common backdrops of being the eldest sibling is that it is always you who gets all the scoldings from your parents even when the younger one is the culprit. Irritating… Uugghh!

2. Free Babysitter

You are always supposed to take care and stay with your little brother/sister if they aren’t that little to stay by themselves! There are times when plans are cancelled just because there has to be someone to stay at home with your little sister/brother.Their cranky behaviour is complimentary here!

3. Extra Pressure

We all are familiar with that everyone says, that your younger siblings will follow your footsteps. This leads to that extra pressure which builds in one’s hand. When your life is so demanding and you have so much to do ahead, being the eldest sibling in the house puts that extra bit of responsibility on your already heavy shoulders. You got to look after them and take care as if you are their deputy parents!


One of the silliest disadvantages of having a younger sibling is that you have to do their homework and projects as well. Imagine you are stuck up with your assignment and your mom asks you to look after your sister’s project… Trouble!


Its so common and obvious that it is the younger children who get the majority of care, attention and  limelight as we call it. As we grow older, the attention gets divided, this is inevitable. They are the ones who are supposed to be much more pampered than us. And sometimes it can make you feel left out!

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