Advantages Of Tourism In Nepal Essay

Since Nepal ranks among the poorest countries in the world, tourism is a vital economic lifeline. Comprising about 4 percent of the country's gross national product, the industry pulls in around half a billion dollars annually [source: CIA World Factbook]. Although the country has a rich culture and religious tradition, the best-paying and longest-staying tourists travel there for the rock star of the Himalayan mountains -- Mount Everest.

Although only slightly larger than the state of Arkansas [source: CIA World Factbook], the Himalayas that curve across the length of Nepal are home to eight of the 14 tallest mountains on the globe. The government takes advantage of this fact because when it comes to Everest -- or Sagarmatha in the native tongue -- people are willing to shell out serious dough.

What do these dollars mean for Nepal? Steady income. Mount Everest climbers have been a dependable money source, travelling to the country despite the decade-long Maoist uprising of mostly rural farmers who followed an Asian strand of Marxism, which came to a cease-fire in 2007. In climbing season alone from March to May, the population of the Khumbu region at the base of Mount Everest soars from around 40,000 to 700,000 [source: McDougall].

But thousands of those seasonal residents are Nepalese workers from other areas who migrate in for tourism-related employment. In fact, locals have decried recent calls for Mount Everest to be restricted due to environmental damage because so many rely on tourism to provide a majority of their annual income. For example, sherpas, or mountain guides, in particular can make upwards of $2,000 per expedition, far exceeding the average Nepalese annual income.

Just how much are people paying for a glimpse or a hike up Mount Everest? Go to the next page for glimpse at the cost to visit the roof of the world.

Hi Liz,

My GT exam was on 8th October at New Delhi.

Writing task 2:

Interview is common method to hire people.

Write some other available methodes and explain which methode you think is best for recruitment?

Task 1:

write letter to invite your friend in you country.

Explain an public event?
Invite him.
Explain what else you can do with him?


What kind of house you dream in future ?
Explain your current one ?
And how it is different from past?

Q-card on :

Painting or photograph in house?

Third section :

Do paintings need to be compulsory module in schools?

Should elder people learn how to paint?

Images with camera are good ….or paintings are good ….?

Please guide me with below:

I got 7 bands (R-7.5, L-8 , S-6.5, W-6) last time in IELTS academic 4 years ago and it was 6.5 in speaking that time.

But this time my examiner interrupted me in every question she asked, therefore I did not answer any question completely.

And other thing when she provided q-card, I haven’t prepared for 1 minute and started speaking even she asked me are you sure you don’t want to prepare? (Is that will give her impression of crammed answer? )

But I completed 2 minutes.

And I think overall she spent just 7-8 minutes interviewing me, please let me know how I can take this kind of behaviour. I am really worried about my speaking module.


  • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is normal that the examiner can interrupt your answer. This is because of timing and the examiner wanting to test various aspects of language using different questions. The examiner might have been worried that your answer was memorised if you needed no time to prepare. However, if you spoke naturally and followed the topic, I’m sure it will not affect your score. I always advise students to use the full minute to prepare. If you feel that your English language was strong and flexible, you will still get a good score. Let’s wait for your results.
    All the best

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