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I applied online. I interviewed at Automated Health Systems (Pittsburgh, PA) in June 2017.


I interviewed for the position through a Craigslist advertisement. They ask you to bring your resume, but you have to write your entire resume onto one of their paper forms. At the back is a section where they ask you to write a page long essay "about anything that is coming to your mind." They have you do a typing test to see your ability to type, and then you have a face-to-face interview with a nonchalant HR representative, who pushes you through an hour-long process. She talked more about herself than about the company she represented. Finally, you have to do a conversation scenario where you pretend to be a Automated Health Systems representative, and she gives you less than a minute to prepare. No help, no information -- just throws you into a weird scenario. After all that song and dance -- no response from anyone about a job offer, and dodged calls/messages.

Automated Health Systems 2017-07-30 15:09 PDT


I applied online. I interviewed at Liberty Healthcare (San Diego, CA).


I applied online and received a phone call to set up an interview. When I called back, they were asking me questions as if it was a phone interview. Passed the "phone interview" and interviewed with a manager in San Diego. Very easy and basic, she was very open about opportunities with the company. Received a call from the person I'd be supporting to see if we could get together and meet. This phone call turned into a phone interview as well. Later met the person very casually. He seemed to have little information about the company and limited questions for me. I was told I was the number one prospect, was going through the background process, and they wanted me to start without giving my current employer two weeks. Eventually, Liberty dropped off the face of the earth. When I asked if I was still going through the background process, I was told they hired someone else who had already been cleared because the process with the Sheriff's Department was taking too long. They never notified me that they had moved on after telling me I was the top prospect.

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Liberty Healthcare 2017-07-28 09:48 PDT

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