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Write-N-Cite's Mac version looks a little different but functions identically to the PC version.

Installing Write-N-Cite on a Mac:

First, download Write-N-Cite to your computer. If you have an older version of Write-N-Cite already installed, you may get a pop-­­up message like the one below when you open Word. To download the latest version of Write-N-Cite, login to your RefWorks account and go to Tools --> Write-­­N-­­Cite.


There are two versions of Write-N-Cite available: Mac and Windows. Choose the appropriate version for your computer, and download and install the software. Then, open Microsoft Word.

If you open Microsoft Word and don’t automatically see the Write-N-Cite toolbar at the top left of your screen, go to Help and search for “Write-­­N-­­Cite.” This will give you a link to show your WNC toolbar.

Before you login to Write-N-Cite, your toolbar will look like the one below. Click the person icon to enter your RefWorks login information:

Enter your RefWorks account info in the login window. All the sources currently in your RefWorks account will then be downloaded to Write-N-Cite in Word.


Now, your Write-N-Cite toolbar will look like this. You’re ready to write…and cite!

Using Write-N-Cite on a Mac

Important Note: If you have already started writing a paper using the Write-n-Cite plugin for RefWorks v.2, you should NOT try to finish it using the plugin for v.3. This may cause formatting errors. 

There are two main ways to upgrade your citation library from legacy RefWorks v.2 to new RefWorks v.3. 

  • If you don't have a v.3 account yet, log into your v.2 account and click the link that says "Move to the latest version of RefWorks" at the top of the screen. This will lead you through creating a v.3 account and importing your citations to the new account.
  • If you already have a v.3 account, log into your v.2 account and export your citations using the References - Export menu item, choosing the RefWorks tagged format. Then log into your v.3 account and use the Import References command under the "+" menu.

If you want, you can continue using v.2 this year, or even use both v.2 and v.3. Legacy RefWorks v.2 will be available until at least  Summer Semester 2017. 

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