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Case Study 1: Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Essay

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Case Study 1: Midsouth Chamber of Commerce-The Role of The Operating Manager Information System

Question: Something had to be done- but what?
After reading the case, one continues to come up with new problems and issues along the way that are related to information technologies. The three main problems we encountered in this case are lack of IT knowledge, inappropriate planning, and ineffective and inefficient Resource Management. Each of these issues requires specific attention to fix the next problem and so forth. The solution to attack each individual problem or issue will be explained as follows.
Problem #1
Attempting to manage the conversion from an old technology system to a new one without the proper knowledge or background…show more content…

Delaying the IT investment on the new system would have been the best option, since it is a good way to maintain costs down.
MCSS needed to implement a realistic timetable that will give it enough time to test and apply all of the operations functions before the Y2K ordeal. Now, the MCSS needs to execute the full implementation of the new system immediately before reaching the year 2000. This will prevent all systems malfunctions. In addition to that, Mr. Lassiter needs to get more people from UNITRAK to come over and work with MCSS personnel to get them adapted to the new system.
Problem #3 In the organizational structure of MCSS, there was a lack of communication, which failed to address the increasing problems that resulted in loss of control.
Mr. Lassiter, being the manager of sales and marketing, should have addressed the entire organization of the new system changes. He did not even address the full system conversion to several of his own staff members. Also, Mr. Lassiter anticipated Kovecki had studied the documentation, which he had not. Mr. Lassiter needs to prepare a special meeting with key members of staff

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Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) made to assist businesses within the Midsouth region. Through the late 1980s, MSCC became the best influential professional assistance group within the area, with Jack Wallinford on board. Their ongoing use of computer technology became the backbone of their organization. This case study outlines what MSCC had been through when they developed a new method to handle their tasks.


MSCC had several issues with computers that were not unified or nor documented, with little provision and maintenance in time, and the systems were not compatible. Leon Lassiter had ideas of unified systems that can help advance business in its full function. They appointed a computer programmer (Simon Kovecki), and started looking at software packages for the company.

While Lassiter was not in command of migration of the system, they appointed Jeff Hedges in charge of procedures. Lassister pressure the business to buy a new system from the organization called UNITRAK. There were employees concerned regarding the operation because they were others not involved in planning.


The person in appointed of the system, was not in the situation to lead the system migration

• Issues: Hedges was too occupied to build the new system, and Kovecki was disappointed because he didn’t get appointed to build the system, so he wasn’t interested.

• Solution: Someone knowledgeable in IT department must offer support in this computer operations and consult all the people involved in an group before executing a new system

Data Stability

• Issues: The new system was based on isolated databases

• Solution:


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