Change Shared Drive Letter Reassignment

After upgrading a windows 10 computer one network drive does not mount correctly. We have two network mounts, one at G: and another at S:

After upgrading to win 10 the network folder mapped to S: is mapped correctly but the one mapped to G: does not get mapped correctly. When I go to File Explorer then I see the G: but it has a red cross over it and if I click it I get a popup with title and main text .

The network drives are mounted using a domain group policy executed at logon, its a .cmd file that contains two lines of the other line uses s: instead of g: but after a short time when the user logs on (doesn´t matter what user it is) then the folder gets mapped under a different drive letter, namely z: (and this breaks a lot of short cuts so getting it mapped correctly is important).

On the client computer I can not delete the G: using that just gives me neither can I remap the network folder from z: to g:. Issuing just shows just s: and z: in use. Other computers that have not upgraded to win 10 have no issue with this and the drives get mapped correctly.

So I am at a loss here, any ideas?

EDIT: I disabled offline files and restarted the computer. Now the G: drive letter no longer shows up in File Explorer (the network folder still maps under Z) and if I try then I get and but I can't see any device associated with the letter G.

EDIT2: Looking in regedit under HKLM/System/MountedDevices then I see the G letter in use there, and I suspect that it is either a USB driver or a SD card reader. How can I know which one it is? And how can I tell win 10 to stop using the drive letter G for USB or SD card reader?


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