Dissertation Topics For Social Work Students

Class of 2014, Post-resident, and Advanced Standing

Meredith S. Abrams, Gender Spectrum: Exploring Gender Diversity in Schools

Karen Acheson, Pet Ownership and Perceived Stress in Social Work Students and Clinicians

Jacquelyn Andrews, Best for Baby: What factors Influence New Mothers When Choosing between Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Babies under the Age of Two?

Sascha Atkins-Loria, Defining Suffering: African American Young Men and Conduct Disorder

Brittany Noelle Bach, (PR), The Impact of Parental Narcissistic Traits on Self-Esteem in Adulthood

Linzy Barnett, What do clinicians know about human sexuality after leaving graduate school?

Melissa Bayer, Therapy Portrayal in the Media: Exploring How Viewing Scenes of Therapy In Film and Television Affect a Person's Decision to Seek Therapy

Frank Bayles, Prospect Meadow Farm: Clients Perspective of Beneficial Farming Activities

Anderson Lee Beckmann, Muslim Women in America and Hijab: A Study of Empowerment, Feminist Identity and Body Image

Sarah Beller, Who Cares?: Psychotherapy as Care Work, Explored Through Socialist Feminist and Relational Perspectives

Elissa Nicole Berlinger, Youth Incarceration: Restorative Justice and Social Work Practice

Aramie Brooks-Salzman, The Call for Help: A Theoretical Study on the Changes that Occur Between a School Social Worker and his or her Child Client After Reporting to Child Protective Services on Suspected Abuse and Neglect

Thomas Brown, (PR), Chitlins and Lemonade: The Impact of the Word “Nigger” on College Educated Men of the African Diaspora”

Stefanie Carreiro, (AS), Clinician’s Treatment Decisions for Combat-Related and Military Sexual Trauma: A Comparative Study

Todd B. Chen, Replicating a Couples Group Intervention to Enhance Father Involvement and Co-Parenting in a Canadian Sample

Sarah E. Chotkowski, We Need a Good War: Factors that Influence the Experience of Racism in the United States Military

Angela Clark, Exploring ways White children are taught about race and racism

Joel Coburn, “It was nice to wake up from that one”: An exploratory qualitative content analysis of vivid dreams and nightmares reported by people living with HIV/AIDS as side effects of Efavirenz

Kathryn Collins, Clinical Perspectives on Etiology, Assessment, Formulation and Treatment of Imaginary Companions in Adolescents with Histories of Attachment Trauma

Nick Collura, Alone with the Other: Paradoxes of Shame and Recognition in Psychoanalytic Theory, Case Material, andHome Alone

Erica Cormier, How Do We Do No Harm? Exploration of Adult Children of Alcoholics' Perspectives on Disclosure and Support from Childhood Peers

Shanta Cortez-Grieg, (PR), Heterosexual Men in the United States of America: Are the Oppressors also Oppressed?

Afrika Cotton, (AS), Does Internalized Racism Affect the Mate Selection Process of African American Men and Women?

Jamie D. Daniels, Racial Hierarchy and Mental Health Outcomes Among Rich Nations

Gretchen J. Davidson, “I Know that I’m Strong”: Survivors of Sexual Violence and their Experiences with Pregnancy and Childbirth

Jillian DeBenedetto, Reaching the End: An exploration of Attachment and Existential Theory as a path to assist in the dying process

Ashley Mika Decena, Identity, Colonial Mentality, and Decolonizing the Mind: Exploring Narratives and Examining Mental Health Implications for Filipino Americans

Susan A. Dimauro, The Intersection of Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Practice: Bridging the Gap Between Outpatient Therapy and Pastoral Counseling

Meghan E. Doherty, More than Unreal: Clinicians’ Practice Experiences with Clients Affected by Chronic Depersonalization and Derealization

Carolyn Duncan, (PR), Unconditional Positive Regard”: Clinicians’ Reflections on the Impact of Animal Co-Therapists In Therapy

Nakita Dziegielewski, Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy ™: A Quantitative Study of Intervention Effectiveness

Melissa Leigh Eells, Spirituality, Community and Action: An Exploration of Catholic Sisters in Social Work

Rachel Hope Flichtbeil, Emotional Abuse: the Subjective Experience of Professionals and the Obstacles to Prevention and Intervention

James Flood, Men in Social Work: A Qualitative Exploratory Study of the Male Experience

Adesholla Leann Gionet, An Evaluation of Clinical    Interventions and Client Satisfaction in a Mandated Massachusetts Driver Alcohol Program

Inna Goldberg, A Critique of the Concept “Consciousness” in Psychodynamic Theory: Implications for Understanding Repression 

Rachel Caroline Mason Gordon, “Don’t’ Call Us, We’ll Call You”: Cell Phones and the Therapeutic Relationship

Molly Gray, Conceptualization of Anorexia Nervosa: A Theoretical Synthesis of Self-Psychology and Family Systems Perspectives

Patrick N. Hagan, Impact of LGBTQ School Climate Policy on Rates of Suicidal Planning and Attempt Among High School Populations

Carla Haggard, What are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) parents’ perceived experience of inclusiveness in their child’s preschool classroom?

Christopher C. Hamann, Trans Enough: Trans/Gender Identities and (Mis)Representations in Social Work

Gillian Harvey, (PR), Working with Gender Nonconforming Children: Why Does the Debate Continue?  

Lindsay Heightman, Origins of Clinician Bias Against People Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

Claudia Y. Hernandez, College Bound: Factors that Influence First Generation College Student Process

Shawna Hershberger, Feminist Identification in Heterosexual Encounters: Exploring the Relationship between Women's Personal Values and their Experiences of Verbal Sexual Coercion

Mikayla C. Holcomb, The Clinical Implications of Dissolutioned Adoption: A Theoretical Intersection of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and Attachment Theory

Rachel Honig, The Intergenerational Transmission of Parenting Beliefs and the Impact of the Supporting Father Involvement Program on Parenting Beliefs in Western Canada

Joseph K. Hovey, Mortality Practices: How clinical social workers interact with their mortality within their clinical and professional practice

Ran Huo, “Eating Bitterness?”, Mental Health Help-Seeking and Chinese International Students in the United States

Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz, Sex and Sexuality of Formerly Ultra-Orthodox Jews: Defining Sexual Health

Paige M. Hustead, How Service Learning Impacts Identity Formation and Social Responsibility in Emerging Adults

Brittainy Johnson, Heavy Impact: The Experience of Sustaining a Concussion as a College Athlete

Isaiah L. Jones, Social and Academic Experiences of AAGBM who Graduate from HBCUs

Jenny Joyal, Hidden in Plain Sight: The Sibling Relationship and Psychodynamic Theory

Benjamin Katz, The Adaptation of Trauma Therapies for use with Children and Adolescents Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum: A Qualitative Study

Lexi Klupchak, Critical Race Theory: A Lens for viewing Racism in American Education Policy and School Funding

Jennifer Kung, Sex Trafficking: An Exploration of Clinician Perspectives of the Type and Efficacy of Treatment Interventions

Annabel Lane, Who does what? Navigating gender roles in early parenthood

Liam Lattrell, Male College Veterans, Masculinity, and their Help Seeking Behaviors

Collin B. Lee, Why Activists Seek Psychotherapy

Rebecca Lee, Chinese American College Graduates in the Great Recession: An Exploratory Study

Vanessa León, Raíces en ambos países: Voices of Latino immigrant parents raising U.S. born children in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Samuel Lurie, Exploring the Impacts of Disclosure for Transgender and Gender 
Non-conforming Therapists

Katharine Hong MacShane, Do You Even Lift, Bro? A Feminist Analysis of the Mental Health Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

Danielle Maurer, (PR), The Impact of Texting on Committed Romantic Relationships

Miranda Monique McKinley, Exploring the Experiences of Internalized Racism for Multiracial Individuals: A Clinical foundation for Social Work

Jennifer K. Mello, Invisible Victims: The Effects of Secondary and Vicarious Trauma on Milieu Staff Members

Emily Meneses, (AS), Hypermasculinity, Delinquency and Adolescent Males

Katie Messier, Clinician’s Perceptions about Working with LGBTQ Military Personnel and Cultural Competency

Lauren Millerd, How Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Develop Positive Identities During Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Sarauna Moore, Black Women’s Natural Hair Care Communities: Social, Political, and Cultural Implications

Janet Namono, The cultural influences which motivate countertransference for the collectivist-oriented clinician working with clients in the United States

Amy J. Nguyen, Exploring the Selfie Phenomenon: The Idea of Self-Presentation and Its Implications Among Young Women

Khanhsong Nguyen, Therapeutic Aspects of Dance for Dancers Experiencing Life Adjustment Issues

Laura Nordone, Sibling Relationships: Growing up with a sibling diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and its influence on perceived family cohesion, attachment, and current life satisfaction

Nathan Orians, Identity and Cultural Competency: Critical race and postmodern perspective

Dina M. Pasalis, An Investigation of Unconscious Countertransference Disclosure 

Emily K. Porter, The Desire to Informally Mentor: Creative Growth Within the Third Space        

Shihan Qin, Self-Compassion Paradox: A Theoretical Exploration of Many Compassionate People Who Lack Self-Compassion

Anneke Ransijn, Exploring the Experience of Victim Offender Mediation through Winnicottian Object Relations Theory and Self Psychology

Catherine Reed, "Sheriffs' Use of Restraints for Transports of Individuals on 'Involuntary Status' to Psychiatric Facilities for Care." 

Giselle Regalado, New York City and Boston Upward Bound Programs: Strengthening Academic Confidence in Low-Income Students

Abigail Reider, Implications for Best Practices in Post-Abortion Emotional Care: Perspectives of Clinicians who have Provided Post-Abortion Emotional Care and Experienced Abortion Personally

Victoria L. Reiszner, Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming Young Adults: Self-Report of Access and Comfort in Health Care Systems

Sarah T. Robins, An Exploration of Romantic Adult Attachment, Marital Satisfaction, and Parenting Stress in Couples Participating in the Supporting Father Involvement Program

Susana Rodriguez, Negotiating our membership: Factors leading Latina lesbians to develop a politicized collective identity

Leslie Rosenberg, Maybe We Really Are What We Eat: Implications of Nutrition and Mental Illness Research for Clinical Practice

Becky Rothberg, Application of Somatic Interventions in Clinical Practice

Ruth Anne Salen, A Sense of Pride Over My Size:  A Qualitative Study of Women of Size Who Consider Themselves Body Positive

Kathleen A. Salmon, Sex abuse? Just as long as you’re not gay: An exploratory study with queer adults on childhood sexual victimization

Catherine A. Salmons, Dance for your Life! TangoFlow!® Technique and Implications in the Treatment of Trauma

Chelsie Sampayan, Exploring the Relationship between Maternal Childhood Maltreatment History, Parent-Child Relations, and Child Emotion Regulation

Shannon Samuels, (AS), Smith College School for Social Work Graduates and their Preparedness in Working with African-American Women IPV Survivors

Daniela Sanchez, Beyond Machismo: A Theoretical Exploration of Domestic Violence in Latino Men

Emma M. Sando, Clinicians’ Self-Disclosure of Personal Experience with an Anxiety and/or Mood Disorder

Michael Stansfeld Sargent, Exploring mental dungeons and slaying psychic dragons: an exploratory study

Mary Kate Schmermund, Community Resilience in the Face of Community Violence

Ariel Schneider, Finding Personal Meaning: Vocational Horticulture Therapy for  Individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness 

Mike Schneider, Medicating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents: How do Parents/Guardians Decide?

Claudia Shapiro, Exploring Resources for Caregivers of Children with Food Allergies

Josselyn Sheer, The Exploration of Young Adults’ Online and Offline Interpersonal Relationships

Susan A. Shelby, (PR), Therapeutic Presence: An Exploration of Buddhist Mindfulness, Winnicott, and Neuroscience

Chelsey Silveria, Perceived Stress Levels of Individuals who Practice Yoga in Comparison to Individuals who Participate in Other Forms of Exercise

Sophia Slote, For the Love of Them: A Theoretical Study of the Collective in the United States Military through Freudian and Fornarian Theory

Kaitlin Noel Smith, “Show Me the Face You Had Before Your Parents Were Born”: African-American New Thought Ministers and ‘The Black Interior’

Rachel Stoddard, Supporting Resilience in Children and Youth Impacted by Complex Trauma

Sandra Stokes, Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss

Jessica Studer, Exploring the Experience of Biological Children of Foster Parents: Their Views on Family as Adults

Eva Tracy-Raeder, A Historical Study of the "Use-of-Self" in Clinical Practice

Solomon Traurig, It’s Common (But We Don’t Talk About It): How Straight Male Use of Gay Male Porn Influences Acts, Identities, and Desire

Bruno Trindade, (PR), Emptiness as Symptom, Emptiness as Healing: Examining the Intersections Between Buddhist and Psychodynamic Perspectives on No-Self

Karen Tsai, The Application of Yoga as a Biopsychosocial-spiritual Approach to Social Work

Jo Ann Valle, Before and After: An Exploratory Study of the Positive and Negative Effects of Significant Weight Loss

Lenissa Vilhena Barbosa, Immigration and Depression: An Exploration of Risks and Protective Factors

Emily Walsh, A Study of Object Use: Adults, Special Objects, and Contemporary American Culture

Daniel E. Weinbaum, Theorizing Anxiety: A Psychodynamic Exploration Beyond the Medical Model

Simon Z. Weismantel, From Sadomasochism to BDSM:  Rethinking Object Relations Theorizing Through Queer Theory and Sex-Positive Feminism

Laura Werner-Larsen, Gender as Compromise Formation: Towards a Radical Psychoanalytic Theory of Trans*

Ann Wheeler, Social Workers’ Attitudes about Physician-Assisted Suicide

Andrea White, The Benefits of Child-Centered Play Therapy and Filial Therapy for Preschool-Aged Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Their Families

Raquel Willerman, Here-and-now learning in the social work practice classroom

Anna Rose Wilson, Becoming Visible – The Audacity of Asking the Impossible: Marriage, LGBTQ Activism, and Resiliency in the South 

Pear Wilson, Clinician Perspectives on the Human-Animal Bond and its Impact on Levels of Compassion and Prosocial Behavior

Mai Emma Yang, A Study on Perceived Self-Efficacy in a Group of Hmong Refugees

Kelsey Yonce, Attractiveness Privilege: The Unearned Advantages of Physical Attractiveness

André Zandoná, The Use of Photography as a Clinical Tool in Social Work: A Theoretical Exploration Using Winnicottian and Jungian Lenses

Casey Loughran Zandona, Responding to Infant Sleep-Related Crying: A Theoretical Exploration of Caregiver Response from Attachment and Object Relations Perspectives

Sophia Zucker, Voices of Experience: The Mental Health Consumer and Psychiatric Survivor Movements and Their Implications for Ethical Clinical Practice

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