Usf Admission Essay Requirements For High School

Application Requirements

Applying to the University of Saint Francis is easy. Just submit our free online application. The step-by-step form only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Steps to apply to USF

It’s this easy:

  1. Complete and submit our free online application.
  2. Submit high school transcripts. Ask your guidance counselor to help if you need assistance.
  3. Take the ACT/SAT. Add USF to your list of schools and your scores will be sent to us automatically. Our school codes are:

Homeschooled Applicants

If you’re homeschooled, please make sure you also submit the following:

  • Summary of curriculum studied
  • Bibliography of books read during high school
  • List of extracurricular activities

Admissions Criteria

At University of Saint Francis we want to know you as an individual. To begin the application process you will want to complete and submit either the common application or our free application on our website. Along with this you will need to turn in your high school transcripts from an accredited high school as well as your SAT and/or ACT test scores. We also look at who you are outside of the classroom: your extracurriculars, how you get involved in your community, your hobbies, and your passions. At the University of Saint Francis we believe that education is more than just a degree and that you will be more than just a student on our campus. If you have questions about the application process please call us at 260.399.8000 —we’re happy to help.

Essay Requirements

If you are required to submit an essay, your admissions counselor will tell you. Please select from one of the following prompts for your essay. All healthcare programs, including nursing, radiologic technology, surgical technology, and physical therapist assistant applicants must use prompt two.

  • Describe how you have used or plan to use one or more of the Franciscan Values in your life. (Our FranciscanValues emphasize: respect for each individual, joyful service, a trusting community, a deeper awareness of peace and justice issues, respect and care for creation.)
  • Keeping in mind our Franciscan values, please describe why you want to attend USF, the reasons for choosing your major, what you know about the profession, and how you plan to be successful here at USF.

Healthcare Majors

Applying to our healthcare programs such as nursing, physical therapy assistant, pre-physicians assistant, radiologic technology and surgical technology have additional program requirements. Please contact the office of admissions for more information or visit the academic program page.

Dual Accept Programs

If you are interested in a dual-accept program such as Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Osteopathic Medicine, Pre-Chiropractic or Pre-Pharmacy, be sure to submit all necessary requirements and applications for dual acceptance.

Other Opportunities

Want to get a head start on earning college credits? Find out how to start earning credit in high school through the ACE program.

Next Steps

If you have any questions during this process, please contact your personal admissions counselor.

Send transcripts and scores to:

University of Saint Francis
Office of Admissions
2701 Spring Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46808 

USF requires freshman applicants to submit official results of at least one college entrance exam (SAT or ACT). USF does not currently require or consider the optional Essay section of the SAT or the ACT for the admission or scholarship review processes. Likewise, SAT Subject Tests are not considered for admission or placement. USF's code for SAT is 5828 and for ACT is 0761.

In Fall 2017, SAT and ACT scores for admitted freshman were:

SAT: minimum total score of 1100 (Writing=25, Critical Reading=24, Mathematics=24)
ACT: minimum total score of 22 (English=17, Reading=19, Mathematics=19) 


USF considers your highest submitted section scores across all SAT and ACT test dates. Final admission decisions will be made using only your highest cumulative scores. Each time you submit test scores to USF, we will update your record with any new high scores. We strongly encourage you to submit your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT. Sending your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT can benefit you by allowing us to consider you for all available enrollment-related opportunities. 

Concordance and the Redesigned SAT

The Redesigned SAT was launched by the College Board in March 2016. USF will accept both the Original (Pre-March 2016) SAT and the Redesigned (March 2016 and later) SAT for admission for the Spring 2017 semester and later. For admission and scholarship purposes we will concord any Original SAT scores to the Redesigned SAT scale; we will also superscore all administrations of the SAT. If you took the Original SAT and want to understand how your scores will concord to the new scale, please refer to the SAT Score Converter. For more information on the Redesigned SAT, visit the College Board website. 

Testing Recommendations

Because the SAT and ACT measure college readiness through different means and formats, we strongly encourage you to take each exam once during the spring of your junior year in high school. You are likely to prefer (and even to perform better) on one test over the other, which would allow you to focus on that test during the fall of your senior year. Except in rare cases, you should not take either test more than three times, as significant improvements on performance are unlikely at that point.

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