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Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas Differentiated Homework Sheets—Nomenclature: 22 differentiated assignments (28 total pages) plus 2 Quizzes. Each assignment builds on the previous assignment—adding problems from previous assignments.

Several years ago, I had a very low-level standard chemistry class. Chemistry is required for graduation in my state. (well, they can choose between chemistry or physics—most choose chemistry) And, besides being a required course, the state has implemented an EOC, end-of-course, test for chemistry. So, what I decided to do with this class is to promise them no homework—IF, they would give me 100% in class. As a result, everything had to be done in class, and I needed short, non-overwhelming assignments that were on point with the essential learning targets that I had come up with for this class. The students were encouraged because they wanted to graduate, and the EOC counted for 25% of their second semester grade. We worked hard, and they did a wonderful job for me. However, I found myself scampering around for above mentioned assignments. This resource includes the assignments that I used for this class—many are half sheet assignments that they loved. It also includes the assignments that I use for my honors and advanced honors classes. Aren’t multiple preps just wonderful!

The included homework sheets are all you need for your nomenclature unit. They are differentiated in a way that you will probably not use all of them for one class. You will find different levels of assignments that should meet the needs of all chemistry students—from a low-level standard class to advanced honors. I have included my suggestions on the use of the worksheets, but you will be the ultimate judge as to the abilities of your classes. These assignments can be used as homework, classwork, bellwork, and even partner or group work—not just designated to homework.

Many of the assignments are half sheets. (2 copies per page—saves on printing) and they don’t take too long to complete. However, I think you will find that they are very on point with regards to the desired essential concepts for this unit.

Students will draw and diagram ions and formula units. They will match items, highlight with color, categorize into types of compounds, name chemical formulas, and write chemical formulas from names. They will also answer questions directly related to the unit concepts (at different levels of ability).

Assignments included:
Naming and Writing Ions
Ions and Formula Units
Monatomic and Polyatomic Ions
Monatomic and Polyatomic Ions-advanced
Writing Formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds
Writing Ionic Formulas Table-to-Complete
Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas I-Ionic Compounds-advanced
Naming Ionic Compounds-Binary
Naming Ionic Compounds-Ternary
Representing Ionic Compounds Through Models & Diagrams
Naming Ionic Compounds (Mixed)
Naming Ionic Compounds with Multivalent Cations
Naming & Writing Chemical Formula II-Ionic Compounds- advanced
Naming Ionic Compounds- Polyatomic Ions & Multivalent Cations
Naming & Writing Formulas for Acids
Naming & Writing Formulas for Hydrates
Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas III- Ionic Compounds- advanced
Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas IV- Molecular Compounds & More- advanced
Naming Molecular Compounds
Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas—All Mixed Up!
Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas—All Mixed Up!- advanced
Naming & Writing chemical Formulas—Review Round-Up!
Polyatomic Ion Quiz #1
Polyatomic Ion Quiz #2- advanced

Objectives included in this unit:
♦ name and write formulas for binary ionic compounds
♦ name and write formulas for ternary ionic compounds (compounds with polyatomic ions)
♦ name and write formulas for monatomic and polyatomic ions
♦ name and write formulas for binary ionic compounds that contain multivalent cations
♦ name and write formulas for ternary ionic compounds that contain multivalent cations
♦ identify cations that have more than one oxidation states using a periodic table and a list of monatomic ions
♦ name and write formulas for binary acids
♦ define oxyacid and hydrate
♦ name and write formulas for oxyacids
♦ name and write formulas for hydrates
♦ name and write formulas for molecular compounds
♦ identify molecular compounds by their name and formula—nonmetal to nonmetal covalent bonding.

NGSS aligned:
HS-PS-1 Matter and Its Interactions

Disciplinary Core Ideas:
This Topic Supports PS1.A & PS1.B

Crosscutting Concepts:

Science and Engineering Practices:
Developing & Using Models

Includes complete keys for all assignments!

This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry or physical science.

Included in This Product:
✓ 22 assignments (28 total pages)
✓ Complete Keys for each assignment
✓ 2 Polyatomic Ions Quizzes
✓ Teacher Notes with suggested uses

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