Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship Essay Prompts

Last fall, I announced the Access for All fundraising campaign, whose goal has been to bolster our financial aid program and make a Berkeley Law education more affordable and accessible to those in need. Today, I’m happy to announce a second critical piece in our efforts to make our school more accessible: The Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship (BLOS). This is a new financial aid opportunity for high-achieving students who are the first in their families to graduate from college and pursue a professional degree.

Five students from varied backgrounds will join our law school in the fall as the first cohort to receive these scholarships. BLOS will cover their tuition and fees for the three years they are here.

As you may know, Berkeley Law has a noteworthy, student-run First Generation Professionals group that provides mentorship, career advising, networking events, and social activities for more than 50 first-generation students. It’s been an important support network for students who sometimes lack the family and social supports that other law school students may take for granted.

We wanted to do more than support the first-generation students who are already here. We wanted to encourage more first-generation students to consider choosing Berkeley Law. As the country’s premier public law school, meaningful access to a high-quality legal education is central to our core mission and values. We believe that we have a responsibility to promote access for students with these backgrounds.

Like all of you, the students we chose for this scholarship are exceptionally bright and engaging. They have demonstrated strong leadership skills and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. As with all of our first-generation students, their backgrounds and life experiences will enhance our learning environment.

A lot of work behind the scenes goes into creating a program like this. I want to thank the staff in Admissions, Student Services, Alumni Relations, and Financial Aid who helped write the blueprint for this initiative, bring it to life, and find alumni who were eager to support it financially.

Launching a program of this scale and complexity in the short time we did was impressive. I frankly didn’t know if it could be done. Fortunately, our recipient candidates had no idea that we were all scrambling behind the scenes. What they saw was a law school committed to access for all students, regardless of background.

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