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Whether you are an Indian MBA applicant or an applicant from US, the competition at top business school is intense.  



As a responsible MBA Admissions Consulting firm, we understand that you are trusting us with your career. An MBA is an important step, and we would strive to help you succeed like we help hundreds of applicants each year.
Through our MBA Admissions Consulting Services, we help clients get accepted to best MBA programs in the world. In the last admissions season, we had an admit to every top-20 MBA program. This includes schools such as HARVARD, STANFORD, INSEAD, ISB, KELLOGG, TUCK, CORNELL, YALE, UCLA, USC MARSHALL, OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE,  NUS, CHICAGO BOOTH, NYU STERN and many more.  You could consider watching VERIFIABLE video testimonials HERE.


  • Transparent approach to MBA application process:  Our process is clearly laid out and legally backed. We offer money back guarantee on most packages. Also, our testimonials are verifiable. [CHECK HERE]
  • Our quality: It is world class- not only do we generate great results, but we offer the best Admissions Consultants in India or abroad. You work with a seasoned Admissions Consultant, who is a top-5 ranked business school graduateand an Industry expert. You are paying for our expertise, and we ensure that you work with the best Admissions Consultant.
  • Our Approach:  We are the only Admissions Consulting firm (in India or abroad) that doesn’t put restrictions on the number of edits, round of edits, hours of edits, number of phone calls etc. (for Comprehensive packages). We are on YOUR TEAM. We work hard with you because we want you to win. We don’t want to restrict our workload, by putting unnecessary limits.


There are several MBA Admissions Consultants in India (Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad) and abroad that would offer MBA essay writing or editing service. We believe that this process is not only unethical, but it is counterproductive to your MBA applications. Such an approach doesn’t allow you to write your best stories, derailing your chances of getting into a top MBA program.

Our philosophy is simple: we offer ADMISSIONS CONSULTING service. As your Consultant, we help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and position your profile to different business schools. We share our in-depth research and expertise on each business school and coach you through the MBA application process. Whether it’s writing MBA ESSAYS or submitting other documents, we work hand-in-hand with you.

In short, we help you develop MBA application writing skills (including MBA essay writing).This way, not only do you end up submitting your best MBA application, but you also pick up a skill in the process!


In addition to doing a free profile evaluation for an MBA, we offer more comprehensive MBA Admissions Consulting services. Depending on your requirements, you could chose any of the following services:

While most applicants aim to pursue an MBA from a top business school, the reality is that only a few are successful. What separates success from failure is primarily the application strategy. Just because you an Investment Banker in New York with a 720 on the GMAT, Columbia or NYU WILL NOT take you in- every year these school reject close to 50% (top-notch!) candidates with similar statistics. If you feel that that your two year stint at McKinsey is surely going to land you a spot at INSEAD, you might be disappointed- INSEAD is getting more selective every year. The moral of the story is that doing adequate research about the schools and positioning your profile accordingly is (and should be) a key component in your application.

If you want alumni from Harvard, INSEAD, Wharton, Tuck, Kellogg or Yale to help craft an application strategy for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We could help you with the following:

Profile evaluation/School selection (free)

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with our Admissions Expert, who is a top-5 business school graduate


Comprehensive application help

This is an end-to-end service. It includes the design and review of all components of your application (except interview preparation). Essay writing, resume positioning, Letter of Recommendations etc)


Hourly Service

Use our services for anything you like for example, essay writing, resume positioning, letter of recommendation etc


How we can help in MBA essays? 

We at General Education (GenEdMBA) through our MBA essay editing service help MBA applicants review the essays written by them to provide them with the most appropriate and essential feedback and MBA essay tips. MBA essays are a frontier concern in the applicant’s mind and they serve as a mechanism to gauge their suitability for the program. A well-written and well-reviewed essay helps an applicant submit an outstanding application that eliminates any errors and differentiate him/her from the rest. General Education features the best MBA essay editing service has to offer. Take advantage of our professional MBA essay editing service.

Who Edits?

MBA essay editing is done by a team of expert MBA consultants (who themselves are alumni of top tier Global Business Schools). We go far beyond grammar focusing on content, clarity and structure to help the applicants market themselves through compelling content/MBA essays written by them.

How we are different?

  • Exceptional MBA team
  • Provide both verbal and written feedback
  • Provide recording of the session
  • Believe in Originality

We at General Education provide MBA Essay help to applicants applying to top global business schools. We help them for their MBA Application review and provide appropriate feedback on their essays. MBA Essay help is provided by our expert team of consultants graduated from top Ivy league B-Schools. General Education have been assisting MBA aspirants for their MBA Application review from more than 7 years now and have successfully helped number of applicants.

MBA Essay Editing Tips Engagement Structure:

We at General Education (GenEdMBA) follow the below service engagement process. It can be modified to satisfy individual needs of the applicant taking into account any suitability factor of the applicant and our consultants:

  1. Applicants deposit the required fees in General Education’s bank account upfront as quoted by the sales team.
  2. Once the amount is verified to be received in General Education’s bank account, our sales team will introduce you to a General Education expert consultant. He/she will then guide the applicant with the rest of the service engagement structure (it might take 24 hours after depositing the fee).
  3. To start with the process, applicants are required to share the below documents with the assigned General Education consultant:
    • One Page CV
    • A brief write up about career aspirations
    • Essay drafts (if already prepared)
  4. Our consultant will then schedule an hour-long brainstorming session to understand the applicant’s profile in detail. Our consultant will analyze your profile, career goals and suggest the points to be incorporated in the essays. Consultant will also suggest the structure for essay tips that the applicant should follow.
  5. After this session, applicants have to prepare their first draft of the essay and send them back to the consultants assigned for review.
  6. The consultant will review the essays to provide their feedback in a few days. The normal turnaround time is one week but it can be changed depending on deadline of the application.
  7. Applicants are expected to make amendments to their essays based on all feedback points and review comments. They should then revert with their updated drafts to the consultant.
  8. Another one-hour session (if required) may be scheduled while the applicants are incorporating the improvements suggested by the consultant. This is to help the applicants get a clear perspective of what, why and how the improvements will be incorporated.
  9. The applicants are again expected to incorporate the improvements/feedback provided by the consultant and send it back to the consultant.
  10. Our consultant will again review and send the final suggestions within 7 days time.
  11. A final version of the essay is prepared based on mutual agreement, improvements, feedbacks and rewrites.
  12. A feedback on the overall engagement with the consultant will be sought to see if the entire process has helped the applicants better their approach and draft their essays.
  13. The service engagement is closed.

General Education’sMBA Essay Editing Service does not cover resume writing or any other service not mentioned above

MBA Essay Help Price

Prices of essay reviews depend on the B-School the applicants are planning to apply to. It also depends on the number of essays and words. Discounts are available if the applicants choose to have more than one B-School essay application evaluated in one lot.

Note on Fees:

  • Service is non-refundable but adjustable in future in lieu for any other service
  • Service brought in March is non-adjustable due to year-end accounting complexities.
  • Services brought in one financial year will not be adjusted in next financial year.
  • According to consumption, assumptions given at the end of each service amount would be adjusted if required.

MBA Essay Tips and Help

Importance of starting early MBA application

Starting early for MBA application, will give you the freedom to think deeply about the smallest of things in your professional life and this could sometimes impact the MBA application positively.

Read More…

Referral discounts

We offer a “referral amount” scheme for the customers who are availing our services. As our customer, if you refer someone who avails General Education’s services, for every successful customer referral, you will receive a service credit/cash equivalent of unto 10% of your referral’s application fee. You can keep on adding progressive discounts by referring as many unique customers as you want.



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