Eth 316 Week 3 Organizational Ethics Essay Examples

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This Tutorial contains 2 Presentations This week's readings focus on cultural ethics and the issue of cultural diversity in the workplace. Imagine you and your Learning Team members are a part of an organization considering diversity training. Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you assert the importance of cultural diversity training as it relates to the ethics and fairness of the company. Use the readings from this week as sources to develop a presentation that both overviews the importance of cultural awareness and what kinds of training would be important. Include images, as appropriate. Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. Keep in mind that every presentation should include an introduction, conclusion and reference page.

Ethics Essay Eth 316

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Ethics Essay Franklin G. Hisole
ETH / 316
April 20, 2015
Robert Gennette

Ethics and Morality Moral and ethics defines the nature of our society and culture today. They are both complimentary in nature but different in some ways. Moral determines person’s character when an individual interacts in social and personal relationship and Ethics are the philosophical study of morality or moral standards. Utilitarian theory, Virtue ethics, and Deontological are some of the examples of major ethical theories that covered in this essay. Collaboration on personal experiences added as well by explaining the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts.
Virtue Ethics The virtue theory approach…show more content…

Both religions follow the “Golden Rule” and enlighten their followers on the benefits of it in achieving salvation. Utilitarianism also focuses its teachings on decision’s outcome as suppose to a code of laws which gives individual ethical grounds for making decisions that reduces suffering, similar to virtue teachings. A good example is when people compliment another person about their looks despite the negative outlook in their mind.
Deontological Ethics The deontological ethics approach believes that an individual has an obligation to follow the well-defined set of laws or rules. Religion and society set the rules and laws that influence individual’s code of behavior regardless if the decision can increase suffering as predicted, as long as the individual adheres to the law. This belief often gives higher emphasis on a code of laws over personal morals of a person. One example is the fishing industry; we catch fish in the ocean inflict suffering on different species, but it provides food for the people. The method may seem unethical by killing a living creature, but deontological ethics justifies the process based on moral code that is more beneficial to the society.
Personal Experience All of the ethical approaches described in this essay became part of my daily experiences in life. Being a soldier alone involves a great deal of ethical and immoral encompasses. By virtue of deontological approach, being an American soldier is ethical.

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