Essay Stubborn Personality

From freshman to alumni, here are 15 things that all University of Arkansas student knows to be true.

1. The Brough smell will haunt you.

I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out, but now it follows me everywhere. Smell aside, the cookies there are life-changing.

2. The squirrels just do not care.

Honestly, they're a little terrifying. Personal space is not a thing.

3. It should be called the University of Arkansas and Texas.

Your sociology class has 300 people in it? At least 200 of them of from Texas.

4. There's a difference between Dallas and Dallas, Dallas.

Dallas, Texas is the Dallas area and the surrounding suburbs. Dallas, Dallas is the actual city. And yes, there is a difference.

5. Club Mullins is everyone's favorite RSO.

The people go to Mullins Library religiously, the odds of getting a decent table on weeknights is low. Finals week it is nonexistent.

6. Greek life is huge.

30% of students on campus are a member of a Greek organization. Even if you are not a member of one, chances are you've been asked if you are or you have a friend in one.

7. People take their Thursday nights seriously.

You best bet that half of your floor in your dorm is going to be going out on Thursday night, and they have already devised a plan on where they're going first.

8. Dickson Street will become your best friend.

For the older students or the freshman with a fake and who actually looks older than 16, Dickson Street becomes a staple.

9. The Hill must be avoided at all costs.

God bless those who live in Pomfret. Walking up The Hill never gets easier and avoiding it at all costs is the best option.

10. Football, all day every day.

Our team may not be the best, but people defend it like their religion.

11. Meal Trade is a blessing and a curse.

It may not always be the best, but Meal Trade is honestly a life saver. Chik-Fil-A forever.

12. Parking tickets are the bane of your existence.

If there's one thing the University of Arkansas loves more than calling the Hogs, it's giving you a parking ticket for anything and everything.

13. Pomfret's fire alarms go off more than your alarm before your 8 a.m.

Again, God bless those who live in Pomfret.

14. Chances are you've fallen on campus at least once.

Flat sidewalks? HA. The spot outside The Union has taken down many a good person.

15. You will call the Hogs, and you will do it often.

Football game? Call them Hogs. Finite test? Call the Hogs. In the cafeteria? Call 'em. See a campus tour? DO IT. Outside the dorms at two in the morning. HELL YEAH DO IT. People will literally call the Hogs at any time.

For all the good and the bad though, the University of Arkansas is our home and we'll probably fight whoever trash talks it. Woo Pig Forever Y'all

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