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I loved the overall student experience at State College. The people were great and the professors were nice. The only drawback is that the class sizes are immense and professors have their hands full. Other than that wouldn't change a thing.
I absolutely love Penn State. Not only are the classes academically rigorous, but the social life and athletic scene are unmatched. I always feel sad when it's time for me to leave Penn State for break, but coming back is always so exciting. I've learned so much, have had so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and have been shaped into the functional adult that I am now. Penn State has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
As a freshman, this year has been a rush of excitement. It was a hard adjustment at first, but it is easy to become acclimated to a school like Penn State. The academics are nothing short of excellent, which is true for so many programs/majors at this school. This large campus can be overwhelming, but it is full of possibilities. There are thousands of ways to get involved, whether it be clubs or any other activities. The athletic events are fun for all, especially for the football games. The dorms and dining hall food is average at best, but the off campus apartments are better for the rest of the years past freshman year.
I absolutely love Penn State. I have so many opportunities here, partially because my professors take such an invested interest in me and my future.
I really liked the buzzing environment around Penn State and how the town was always lit up and ready to party. I also liked how the professors were open for you to go and talk to them about any questions you had. Overall, it was a great campus, with excellent sports teams, and it has excellent academics as well.
The experience at Penn State is amazing. It is such a big school that you get to meet so many people from all areas of the world. This leads you to experience various cultural differences that you may not have seen growing up. The student life is amazing and the education you receive here is incredible as well.
Being a first year student, I have come to love Penn State pretty quickly. There are many different ways for students to get involved in the school community.
Good school! Professors are helpful and knowledgeable. The facilities are very nice and well taken care of. The food on campus is ok, but downtown is within walking distance.
The branch campuses are a great place to start, but main campus isnt terrible. Very big so you have to get used to that. So many opportunities to involve yourself.
Penn State is the perfect academic institution for me. It is the center attraction for the surrounding area and the people that attend or live near this college bleed blue and white. As for academia, Penn State up towards the top in terms of preparing its students for the real world careers. My major is Security Risk Analysis which is a major specific to Penn State. I have learned so much in just my first few semesters here and already feel as if I am beginning to master the work included in my major.
I really enjoy the opportunities given here at Penn State. There is always something to do for everyone on campus.
I am currently a high school junior planning to go to Penn State. This school is in my top priorities of colleges I want to attend. I have only heard and seen good things about this college.
I think the best parts I love about Penn State is when THON happens and just the community it has. The campus is also beautiful during the spring.
This institution has so much to offer both academically and socially. I am a Geoscience major and the college I am apart of is incredible. The faculty and professors within this college are very knowledgeable and are always wanting to give back to the students and help them with any circumstances. I feel like I am apart of a big family within my college, which allows me to feel confident with my education and overall college experience. The one thing that concerns me here at Penn State is my return on investment and overall college expensive. I realize that most college's tuition is increasing, but I feel that with Penn States power, they are fairly greedy with the amount of money they charge for tuition and school activities. I think they can do better with the way they handle the students money so I feel like what I'm paying for is of good quality and being used in an efficient manner.
The atmosphere of Penn State is amazing. It welcomes every student as its own. It is a big school so it is easy to find people you "click" with. If not, joining a club with you interests will help do so. They are easy to access and available to all students. Penn State is an overall amazing school.
Amazing school but handles sexual assault horribly. Teachers are smart and there to help you. Advisors can be available more but there are resources available to you.
I really like Penn State. I am Brazilian and as a international student living here in The United States, Penn State really welcomed me. There is a lot of different clubs and organizations to join. The campus is beautiful, although a bit expensive. Also, I believe there should be more campus food options available!
I chose Penn State because of the size of the school and the endless opportunities it presents. It's a great atmosphere with such a large campus, you are bound to meet people. Penn State's downtown area is great for shopping, eating at local restaurants, and employment. Whether you're a freshman or senior, you can have a great experience doing anything. The football games are especially fun because you can witness the school spirit first hand and be apart of an overall great experience. I don't have any regrets choosing Penn State because you can't share the same experiences at any other school.
I've had a great 3 and a half years at Penn State and learned a lot - not only from my classes and internships, but also about working hard, putting your best into what you do, and always making time to volunteer. I've participated in the world's largest student-run philanthropy, THON, and held leadership roles in the same club for 3 of my 4 college years. I worked at an award-winning, student-run newspaper and 2 startup nonprofits. I'm not just leaving with a degree, but also with amazing friends and shared experiences, a work ethic I didn't have going into college, and great real-world experience at companies!
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