Txn201b Assignment 2016

TAX3702 Taxation of Individuals – Semester 1


TAX3702 Taxation of Individuals

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TAX3702 Taxation of Individuals provides knowledge of and insight into the following topics and the ability to apply this knowledge: basic principles of taxation; calculation of taxable income; prepaid taxes; fringe benefits; retirement benefits; the taxation of investment income; the taxation of non-residents; the taxation of farmers; capital gains tax.

Prescribed book for TAX3702-TXN201B Taxation of Individuals

AuthorVenter, J.M.P
TitleA student’s approach to Income Tax: Natural persons. 2014
Year Published2014
Book NotesStudents must use the latest edition of this book, as the Income Tax Act changes annually.

Hi there,

I enjoyed the additional study material and multiple choice comparison tool. I also found great value in the newly introduced study packs – great value for money!

My only criticism, which would be difficult to change, is that students don’t communicate within the study groups enough. This is a difficult mentality to change I think, when people register thinking that they are going to to be spoon fed and miraculously pass without doing any work.

I passed FAC3702 with 66%, it was the third time I had written this module! I am so impressed! Waiting for my MAC3702 mark, so holding thumbs that will be a good pass too!
I failed FAC3703, but can’t blame TWP, he site and materials were amazing…I dealt with a lot of work and personal stress during the exam period when I wrote FAC3703 and was just not in the right head space. Nevertheless, I will give it a good bash again in September.

Thank you for all your hard work at TWP! You really made a difference!

Kind regards,
— Petra

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