Mat 120 Week 4 Homework

7/31/2016Week 4 Homework Score :30 / 30Due :Monday, August 1 2016 09:00 AM EDT1.3/3 points |Previous AnswersHunterDM2 2.3.006.LetPbe a set of people, and letQbe a set of occupations. Define a functionby settingf(p)equal top's occupation. What must be true about the people inPforfto be a well­defined function?2.3/3 points |Previous AnswersHunterDM2 2.3.014a.Define a functionf:R→Rby the formulaProve thatfis one­to­one.Leta,bR, and suppose thatThen9b−8, soWeek 4 Homework (Homework)Gustavo BarrazaMAT311, section 003VA016­1166­001, Summer 1 2016Instructor: KATHERINE RUDEWebAssignf:P→QNobody will have only one occupation.Everybody cannot have more than one occupation, but somebody will have more than oneoccupation.Everybody must have more than one occupation.Somebody will have no occupation.Everybody must have some occupation, and nobody can have two occupations.

What material is covered?
MAT-120 and MAT-130 explore questions such as, “What is a function? How can I tell? How do they behave, and how do I work with them? What special categories of functions often show up?” In MAT-120, students will encounter linear, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. In MAT-130, you will work with more advanced topics such as trigonometry, polar and parametric functions, and vector analysis.

Who is the instructor?
Both classes will be taught be an Oglethorpe faculty member, and will also feature Supplemental Instruction (SI) with an upperclassman peer teacher who sits in on all class time and helps lead small-group work, answers questions, etc.

Is there tutoring available?
Tutoring is available by request during the IMO. Your SI peer teacher will also be available during daytime group sessions to help you review challenging material.

Am I allowed to be absent?
No. Attendance is mandatory. You should not miss part or all of any IMO class day—not for work, a doctor’s appointment, a carpooling delay, a prior commitment or any other reason. Because one day of IMO is equal to a week and half of a regular semester, it will be extremely detrimental to your learning process if you are absent for any portion of it.

Can I drop the course after I start?
Yes, you will have until noon on the third day of class to drop the course. Absolutely no drops will be allowed after this time. Dropping a class means that you are completely removed from the roster, and no record of having started the course will appear on your transcript.

What if I start, but after a couple of days I know I am really (really) struggling. What do I do?
College courses also have an option called “withdrawal.” Withdrawal means that the course will still be listed on your transcript, but instead of a letter grade (A-F), you will have a W. If you withdraw from a course, it does not become part of your college GPA. It is not a dishonor to cut one’s losses and withdraw from a course, and it is not unusual to see a W on an undergraduate transcript, but you should consider this carefully with your instructor prior to withdrawing. The IMO withdrawal deadlines are listed above.

What will the format be like?
The course assumes that students will be using a laptop or a computer, and your professor will use lots of collaborative learning techniques through the WebAssign program (part of your textbook). WebAssign includes tools such as example problems, interactive practice, and video tutorials. Very little time will be spent on lecturing. The majority will be for small groups to work together and ask questions or for individuals to practice concepts on their own.

Is there homework, too?
Yes. For example, in MAT-120 you will have daily homework in WebAssign. The WebAssign format is adaptive, meaning that you can work a problem as many times as you wish until you get it right (and understand why you did). You will have the opportunity to do much of your homework in class while you are at OU. The better use you make of your class time, the less you will have to do later at home.

How is it graded?
You will receive a letter grade A-F. Each course will have a midterm and a final exam, along with daily individual work, homework and frequent quizzes.

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