Should Homework Be Abolished In High School

Banning homework is a poor idea, given that school is about learning and cultivating self-discipline, which children aren't getting either at home. Yeah this would suit the ADHD and maybe poor students, but I don't think it would give them a leg-up in the long run and would actually cripple them when they get into the workforce.

I grew up in a large family, my parents spoke no English, we were poor, but all my siblings and I managed to get degrees and diplomas and paid all of our schooling and educations ourselves. We were self-reliant and had self-determination. Our parents were busy working and we had ZERO encouragement and help from them.

But speaking of excessive last two places of employment: I had managers who deliberately under-reported my activities and my contributions, to their superiors. Once I caught on to this, I brought this to their attention -- they weren't happy; I was disturbing their status-quo (they knew what they were doing), and I was cruelly chastised by one of them.

One of the new managers I had supported me and she straightened out the tradeshow/sales manager who was recording everyone's activities. She told him that if it's something that I'm held responsible for (which I need to create and produce), then he needs to make a record of it. Even better was for each of us to submit our to do list/activities to him ourselves --- so I ended up having like an extra page or more. I had the most of everyone there. I didn't record making phone calls down as a to do, although I had a few -- however the tradeshow manager listed each phone call he ever made...even to book an appt. LOL. Anything to make him look real busy.

Then at the other workplace, my manager got pissed at me for trying to make his list of my to dos accurate -- he was missing a lot of items which the team and other people needed from me. All of these people were trying to downplay and minimize how much work I actually had to do. There was a minute taker in these meetings, and she would record what the manager assigned to people -- my manager would wait deliberately to assign me some stuff outside of the meetings so they would not get recorded. But then later I would send the minute taker an email to update her on these new assignments --- my manager was not pleased. He would always look over her notes before the report got submitted to his superior (CEO).

The thing with being a new employee at any that you need a really good manager who looks out for you -- because other departmental managers may take advantage of you and pile on stuff that you are not actually responsible for, but naive and do them anyway because you are new and trying to be collaborative and helpful. So sometimes this position ends up doing the work of two and the next person they hire gets stuck with the same workload and these assholes do the same thing to the next new hire.

And if you are smart and quite capable, they take it upon themselves to expand your job responsibilities because you helped resolved something effectively and so they try to dump more work on you...yet showing no appreciation or respect. And they also try to assign stuff that you are not qualified to do, like computer programming...your own boss!

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be innovative and helpful -- no one else chips in. They like status quo --- it's less work for them...the less work they have...the more power they feel.

  • Should homework be abolished

    No,and Yes. I'm a 7th grade student. At my school we have loads of homework, even though it takes away my/our time to do what I want. It actually is fun some times. And it might not help you in some ways. But I do think schools should not give loads of homework. Just 4 sheets of quick exercise a night based on your level in that class.

  • It is important for children.

    Even if children do not like homework it is very improtant for them, if children are not at school they have homework to help them keep up with their class. As a student I realise we have way to much time on our hands and homework is a good way to use all of it.

  • Students need to be challenged.

    Homework should not be overdone, however, students need to be challenged reach beyond what they know. Homework also serves as feedback - if the teachers get a whole bunch of bad homework they will know they did not thoroughly cover that topic enough. Homework makes sure that kids actually can learn something and will keep it in their minds well enough to answer questions on it - they wont forget.

  • Homework is good.

    I think that the idea of aboloshing homework is one of naieve rebellion. Homework is like a whetstone for a knife. It trains the mind while the mind would otherwise be at rest. Homework is a great way to keep a person honed in and learning outside of the classroom.

  • No it should not.

    Homework should not be abolished. Homework is the perfect way for people to learn and continue to learn on the subject even once their are out of school for the day and are at their home. It is how they review the work and better understand what they get and what they don't get.

  • No, homework is important.

    Homework can feel like a drag when you're a student, but it's a really important part of going to school. It helps to retain the information you have learned during the class period. Additionally, though a good student, I was someone who didn't learn as well in a loud environment like the classroom. I really learned better when at home, studying quietly. We all learn in different ways, and homework will help those who learn in a quiet environment, while also reinforcing learned information from the class period.

  • Homework is very important

    I think homework is vital when it comes to school and it truly does help students in the long run. Whether it'd be to help them prepare for a test/exam or simply to understand the material better, homework should never be abolished, nor do I think it honestly it ever will be.

  • Homework Increases Repetition of Good Skills

    I'm not sure why there should be a consideration to abolish homework. I think that at times, teachers weigh homework more heavily than other teachers in the same grade. If anything, homework should have the same difficulty throughout all classes and subjects so that a student does not spend more time on one assignment than another. Besides that point, homework increases the rate of repetition for students to hone in their skills for certain subjects and classes. A common example is when a student has to go over a dozen questions regarding long division when they just learned the subject in school; if they correctly do each question of long division they will understand the subject matter better because they were given homework to increase their understanding.

  • Homework is a boon

    It makes a person better on studies and improves handwriting of a person and the homework is of he studies that we do in school so it gives us practice. It is way a person can learn something extra than what is in a textbook. I love doing home work

  • Homework can help students in a plethora of ways

    Most students might feel that homework is an extremely tedious and useless task to do but throw me tomatoes and banana peels because I believe otherwise. Homework can help students in a plethora of ways both consciously and unconsciously. First and foremost, students are bound to become more responsible by fulfilling this task. This is because it is a given task to be completed and submitted at a due date. They will learn what they must do and when they must do it. Consequently, their time managing skills will improve. They will learn how to divide their tasks among other extra curricular activities and set aside 'tv' time or 'computer game' time which will be helpful in organization and peace of mind.

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